links to sites I find useful


 I just got a David Sorg "super 8 easel". I'll be kicking myself for awhile for not getting a good easel years ago! It's making painting SO much nicer than making do with the rickety little aluminum a frame  frame easel I've been using.

Francis Zimbeaux art site    Family friend, his influence kept me working to pursue my own art.

 Alyson Stanfield's sites; ArtBizBlog , Artbizcoach , Twitter Tweekly , and Facebook have tons of information and sources on e marketing. Also sells e books, seminars, etc. about e marketing. Artbizblog is my main reference for e marketing issues.

 Henry's Fork Foundation  I get lot's of inspiration in the Henry's Fork/Yellowstone area. HFF is a very good conservation organization that works with all sides. Please support them and help protect the area.

FOV editions They produce my giclees, great people! Located in Provo, Utah.

The Art Business - Resources...   has just about anything you can imagine that relates to the business of art. I've just started looking into it and it seems very good.

Marty Bartholomew is a good friend and an excellent fly fishing guide and fly tier. He inroduced me to Colorado's charms and was there in a number of my paintings. If your thinking of painting or bird watching in Colorado, check out his new book, Great Places Colorado . It has good descriptions of areas, amenities, services, and how to get there. If you're interested in fly fishing, check out his DVD, Fly Fishing Colorado's Major Six ,(which has a bonus section on fly tying) or his book,  Flyfisher's Guide to Colorado ,which I use to help plan trips to new areas for art inspiration and fishing. His  Tying Flies Like a Pro  , is my go to book for tying trout flies.

 For framing, I really like the Brushworks Gallery. Of the various Salt Lake City area framers I've used, they've done the best work and have been quite helpful