Hilton's Art         rocky mtn realist/impressionist landscapes  I see a wide variation in how my art looks on different monitors. If yours looks washed out, get an art card (photos of recent work), they're free, and see how my colors really look. 
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man fly fishing on river glass of white wine aginst snow with sunshine sunny painting of an old picnic table in a stream side meadow looking up a shady mountain brook, done in blues, greens, and golds Dam ! Painting-Finally!
San Juan Passage Rural Row Painting--Oil-LandscapeMorning's Edge Painting--Oil-FigurativePinky's Place (full size) Almost Ready Painting--Oil-LandscapeWaiting for Birds
Painting--Oil-LandscapeA Light in the Storm Painting--Oil-LandscapeGoing to Phippsburg Painting--Oil-LandscapeTurn Around ! Painting--Oil-LandscapeWhere the High Winds Blow Painting-Morning on the Rim Painting--Oil-LandscapeA Mountain's Little Town
Painting-No One Home Trail's End Painting--Oil-LandscapeStanley's Place Life's Hard Painting--Oil-LandscapeSolitude Painting--Oil-LandscapeClearing the Storm
Painting--Oil-LandscapeGot There Late Painting--Oil-Figurative...And Read a Book Painting--Oil-LandscapeAlmost Hear the Whistle Waiting for Winter Painting-Upper Provo Painting--Oil-LandscapeHigh Country Solitaire
Desert Stream


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