Hilton's Art         rocky mtn realist/impressionist landscapes  I see a wide variation in how my art looks on different monitors. If yours looks washed out, get an art card (photos of recent work), they're free, and see how my colors really look. 



     Original artwork and lim.ed. giclees by David HIlton

           Survey for New Greeting Cards


      December Iris  - Boulder Mountain - Escalante Daisy - The Good Stuff

I'm thinking of having some greeting cards, of the above four images, printed up to sell and would really appreciate some feedback. You can view the four images in greater detail in the
Slide Show Gallery. Just click on the "view thumbnails" in the upper right corner of the gallery and you can use the magnifier. If you have any comments I want them, you can leave them on my
Contact Page. Thank you for your time,       Dave
  • If you were given some of these cards, would you
  • Which is your favorite ?
  • Which is your least favorite ?


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